Zinc die casting in highest quality

  • Foundry1

  • Mould storage

  • Casting machine

  • Casting removal

  • Foundry2

  • Ultrasonic cleaning

  • Remelting plant

  • Zinc ingots New

  • Zinc ingots remelted

With our eleven hot chamber die casting machines we process the two zinc alloys Z410 and Z430.

With clamping forces between 450-2500kN, components for a wide variety of assemblies are cast in small and medium series. Their weights vary between one and 2500 grams. The composition of the fully recyclable zinc alloys is regularly checked by the Reinheitszeichen-Verband Zink-Druckguss e.V., to which we have belonged for more than 25 years. This enables us to guarantee the consistent quality of our products.